Introducing our new Therapy Garden!

We have two themed therapy gardens: "Roar Out Your Feelings" and "Believe in Your Dreams". One garden involves dinosaurs, and encourages children to “roar out your feelings”. Children can play with the dinosaurs while working through emotional issues in a fun and non-threatening manner. The second garden encourages children to believe in their dreams.  Children can create their dreams and believe in themselves, which is something we all need to do.

I find that this garden is relaxing for both adults and for children. For children they can express/release their feelings through many different outlets, such as painting, moon sand, a some themed play gardens. For adults there is a calming area with a water fountain that one can relax too. Some of the children also like to help take care of the garden by watering, which gives them a feeling of responsibility.

Roar out your feelings

Believe in your Dreams




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